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  • Age of Empathy

    Age of Empathy

    Age of Empathy publication newsletters, contests, and updates published here.

  • Amber Brambell

    Amber Brambell

    I love books (the older the better), writing, culture, and history and write about all these things.

  • PJ Jackelman

    PJ Jackelman

    Wanna-be fiction writer. Turning ‘finding my voice’ into a lifestyle.

  • Sally Prag

    Sally Prag

    Experimenting through life. I write stories about my travels, family, social media for business, and life’s lessons. Journaling nerd and motivational coach

  • Maliha


    She/her. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of. https://wordsbymaliha.com

  • Catherine DeJager

    Catherine DeJager

    Keeper of many ideas, distributor of substantially fewer. Delving into the depths of radiant reads, and wandering in the woods of wonderful writing.

  • Betsy Denson

    Betsy Denson

    Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It saved it. That’s why I write. www.betsydenson.com. Twitter: @BetsyDenson Facebook: @BetsyDensonWriter

  • Inge E. Knudsen

    Inge E. Knudsen

    Mother, grandmother, history and comparative literature passionate

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